Finding fundamental data for stock market companies in a convenient format is a struggle. Yes, there’s almost an unlimited amount of it in different sources, but it’s fragmented. It takes time to collect it or a quite a bit of money to access it through third-party databases.

That’s why we created Sharepanel. It’s a community-managed platform where you can check, share and store financial data – everything is in one place. You can hop in and help us gather accurate data or use it whenever and however you please. The aim is to make the data accessible for everybody and keep it free.

Accessible to everybody

We envisage a world where regular investors and financial enthusiasts can collect and store data on a single platform for free. If you do not want to go through massive amounts of annual reports and investor relations pages or subscribing to third-party database services is way too expensive – Sharepanel is here to help. Everything is available for free in a well-structured single format.  

Efficient data collection

Millions of people collect and store financial information about their favourite stock companies on their personal computers. Perhaps you are one of them! Why not enter the data into a single platform and make it available to the whole community? While you share data with others, the community shares their data with you – it’s a win-win situation!

We acknowledge that we are still in the early days of building up a database however, each member that joins us and helps to share financial information is a hero. So, hop on, join our community and help us make data accessible for everybody!